"İç Oğuz’uñ ve Dış Oğuz’uñ beyleri onu boşken yérinden kaldıramıyorlardı; içini la’l renkli şarapla doldurdum; sırtıma alarak iyice kaldırdım, kara kazanı boşaltarak yere koydum; adım Deli Dönmez iken ad kazanıp Kazan oldum."

Although 2019 was the year of Kutadgu Bilig, an unusual development that pushed it into the background and directed the agenda to itself happened. A manuscript that came to the hands of Veli Muhammet Hodja from the Turkmen Sahara region of Iran in the end of 2018 evoked the science of Turkishness. Three separate publications were published in June about the manuscript which was announced in April 2019. Thus, with Dede Korkut's new manuscript, new events and brand new terms were brought to our language and literature.

Since Dede Korkut is not only Turkey's, but also all of Oghuz' common value, the manuscript echoed through Azerbaijan and Iran and many writings were released about it.

Since these developments bring their problems together, it is inevitable to work hard to solve them. The round table meeting of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on 12 October 2019 can be considered as the first comprehensive meeting in this regard. In this context, the Türk Dili Derneği and Süleyman Demirel University collaborated and aimed to bring together the Oguz scholars and help them solve problems on a common ground.

At the meeting held in Baku on 12 October 2019, it was asserted that the new manuscript could not be counted as a Dede Korkut story. Previously, the reasons were also stated in the joint article of Ramazan Gafarlı and Seyfettin Rızasoy from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (AMEA). While a big part of Azerbaijan, which is a big branch of Oghuzes denies a large part of the manuscripts, the notables of the Iran Oghuzes and Turkey accept the manuscript. These mutual arguments made it inevitable for experts to come together and discuss. Thus, Association for Turkic Language and Isparta Süleyman Demirel University aim to hold a meeting and resolve the problems by bringing the experts from Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Dede Korkut Symposium to include papers within the framework of the Dede Korkut's subject and from the fields such as linguistics, literature, dialect research, contemporary dialects, language teaching, language policies and related fields. and a workshop under the name of "Naming Deli Dönmez" are planned to be organized for the solution of the aforementioned problems..

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