Süleyman Demirel University is a public university that was established in 1992 on a strong infrastructure related to higher education in Isparta and completed its institutionalization in the past period.

Our university has a distinguished place among the higher education institutions of our country with its academic units, faculty, number of students, physical capacity and scientific research; social, cultural and sports activities.

Our university has 14 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 state conservatory, which provide undergraduate education, 4 vocational schools that offer associate degree education, 6 institutes providing postgraduate education and 48 research and application centers. Most of the university buildings are located in the center of Isparta.

Süleyman Demirel University, a student-oriented university with its educational quality, international academic staff, facilities on the campus and aim to encourage research, is one of Turkey's largest and most prominent institutions.

At SDU, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Faculties educate sufficient physicians and academicians who have a high level of knowledge, think about community health in the foreground, communicate well, pursue researchers and ethical values, contribute to the scientific world and produce knowledge on a universal scale.

The most comprehensive Research and Application Hospital and Dental Hospital in the Lakes Region provide health services to a wide area with its clinics and laboratories equipped with advanced devices.

Our university has undertaken a leading position in the field of industrialization, agricultural development and technology in its region, and has led many changes and innovations. With its modern educational opportunities, strong academic staff and contributions to the development of the lakes region, SDU became vital for both city and the region.

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