Two writings of Dede Korkut Book have been known to this day. In the first found one which is Dresden manuscript with no vowel points, there were 12 stories, and in the second found one which is Vatikan manuscripts with vowel points, there were 6 of the 12 known stories. In addition to these writings, the third Dede Korkut manuscript was found in the Turkmen Sahara region of Iran. This third manuscript has been named as the Turkmen Sahara copy regarding its location. In this third manuscript, which is missing an unknown amount from the beginning, there are twenty-seven extollings that weren't mentioned in previous manuscripts. We can say that Kazan Han's previous name was referred to as "Deli Dönmez" in these extollings, which provided many new information.

Veli Muhammet Hodja, who lives in the Turkmen Sahara region of Iran, reaches the manuscript by chance in bibliopole. In order to find out what was written in this, he sends it to his fellow citizen, Yusuf Azmun, who works as a lecturer in America, and Şahruz Ak Atabay, who has a doctorate in Ankara. Meanwhile, he informs Metin Ekici, who is working at Ege University, who he met at that time. These three scientists, who have this text, read it in June 2019 and with three separate bibliographic works (books) they present their story(s) of Dede Korkut to the public. In this way, they came up with three different views independently of each other, without seeing and influencing anyone. It is a respectable result for our linguistics to announce the manuscript with a new one to all Turkish homelands from our country, and to be notified in three separate publications in the same month.